Best Air Mattress For Unexpected House Guests

March 24, 2024
Best Air Mattress For Unexpected House Guests
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The air mattress is a versatile solution for a good night’s sleep, whether for camping adventures, unexpected house guests, or even as a primary bed in small living spaces. It is a portable, inflatable bed that can be easily stored away when not in use yet provides the comfort and support of a traditional mattress. That’s the beauty of an air mattress.

Gone are the days of cumbersome futons or lumpy sofa beds; the air mattress offers a blissful alternative. With technological advancements, these inflatable wonders come in various sizes, from twin to king, and boast features like built-in pumps for effortless inflation and deflation. Imagine setting up your cozy sleeping quarters within minutes, with just the push of a button!

Moreover, air mattresses aren’t just confined to indoor use. They are the go-to for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a restful night under the stars. Lightweight and compact, they easily fit into backpacks or car trunks, ready to transform any campsite into a luxurious retreat.

But beyond their practicality, air mattresses are synonymous with adaptability. They cater to the ever-changing needs of modern living, offering comfort and convenience wherever and whenever needed. So, whether you’re hosting friends for the weekend or embarking on a wilderness adventure, the air mattress is your ticket to a restful and rejuvenating slumber.

Types Of Air Mattress

Standard Air Mattresses

These are the most basic, typically made of PVC or vinyl. They often come with a built-in or external pump for inflation and deflation. Standard air mattresses are versatile and suitable for indoor use, such as accommodating guests or providing temporary bedding.

Raised Air Mattresses

Raised air mattresses feature an elevated design that lifts sleepers off the ground, mimicking the height and feel of a traditional bed. This type of air mattress is famous for its added comfort and ease of getting in and out of bed. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who prefer sleeping at a higher elevation.

Self-Inflating Air Mattresses

Self-inflating air mattresses combine the convenience of air mattresses with self-inflation technology. These mattresses typically contain foam or air-filled chambers that expand and inflate when the valve is opened. Due to their ease of use and portability, self-inflating mattresses are popular among campers and backpackers.

Memory Foam Air Mattresses

Memory foam air mattresses combine memory foam’s support with an air mattress’s adjustability. They feature layers of memory foam on top of inflatable air chambers, providing a comfortable and supportive sleep surface. Memory foam air mattresses contour to the body’s shape, offering personalized comfort and pressure relief.

Camping Air Mattresses

Designed for outdoor use, camping air mattresses are built to withstand rugged conditions and provide comfort in various environments. They often feature durable materials, such as puncture-resistant PVC or reinforced vinyl, and may include additional features like waterproofing and insulation for warmth.

Convertible Air Sofas

These innovative air mattresses serve as a bed and a sofa. They can be inflated into a mattress for sleeping and folded or configured into a sofa or seating area during the day. They are ideal for small living spaces or as versatile furniture for guests.

Inflatable Air Beds with Frames

Inflatable air beds with frames offer a solution for those seeking the stability and support of a traditional bed. These mattresses feature a sturdy frame that provides additional support and prevents sagging. They are suitable for long-term use as a primary bed or for individuals with mobility issues.

Buying Guide For Air Mattress

Size Matters

Determine the air mattress size based on your space and usage requirements. Options typically range from twin to king-size, with variations in length and width. Consider who will be using it and where it will be placed.

Type of Pump

Decide whether you prefer an air mattress with a built-in pump or one that requires an external pump. Built-in pumps offer convenience as they can inflate and deflate the bed with the push of a button, while external pumps may offer more flexibility but require additional effort.

Material Quality

Look for air mattresses made from durable materials that resist punctures and leaks. High-quality PVC or vinyl with reinforced seams are ideal for long-lasting durability.

Support and Comfort

Check for features that provide adequate support and comfort, such as internal air chambers or coils that distribute weight evenly and prevent sagging. A flocked or textured top surface can enhance comfort and prevent slipping.

Adjustable Firmness

Some air mattresses offer adjustable firmness settings, allowing you to customize the level of support to your preference. This feature can be handy for individuals with specific comfort needs.

Portability and Storage

Consider the air mattress’s portability and storage options. Look for lightweight and compact models when deflated, making them easy to transport and store when not in use. A carry bag or storage case can further enhance convenience.

Usage Environment

Determine where to use the air mattress most frequently. If you intend to use it outdoors for camping or travel, choose a model designed for rugged conditions with features like waterproofing and puncture resistance.

Warranty and Customer Support

Lastly, research the warranty coverage and customer support offered by the manufacturer. A generous warranty can provide peace of mind in case of any defects or issues with the product.

8 Best Air Mattress

An air mattress boasts many features, making it a versatile and indispensable sleep solution. Options range from standard to raised designs. These mattresses offer adjustable firmness settings and durable materials like PVC or vinyl for long-lasting comfort. Built-in or external pumps facilitate effortless inflation and deflation, while additional features such as memory foam layers or waterproofing cater to diverse preferences and needs.

The benefits are manifold: portability for camping trips or temporary bedding, space-saving versatility for small living spaces, and elevated comfort with raised designs or memory foam integration. Whether accommodating guests at home or providing a restful sleep outdoors. An air mattress ensures convenience, adaptability, and a rejuvenating night’s sleep wherever it’s used.

Intex ‎‎64411ED

Durable Construction

Intex ‎‎64411EDCheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Supreme Comfort

Experience unparalleled comfort with the luxurious and unique dual-layer air pocket system of the Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort-Plush Luxury Air Mattress. The velvety top and sides are soft, providing a cozy sleeping surface that contours to your body for a restful night’s sleep.

Durable Construction

Engineered with Fiber-Tech Construction, this air mattress offers superior durability and strength. The unique edge construction ensures the mattress can withstand the sleeper’s weight without sagging, providing long-lasting support and stability.

Easy Setup

Say goodbye to hassle with the built-in 110-120 V electric pump. Inflation and deflation are quick and effortless, allowing you to set up the air mattress in no time whenever you need it. The horizontally positioned Dura beams provide a 50 percent greater individual strand count for better full-body support.

Convenient Portability

The Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort-Plush Luxury Air Mattress has a carrying case, making it easy to store and transport. Whether hosting guests at home or embarking on a camping trip, this air mattress is your perfect sleeping companion.

Generous Size

This air mattress measures 75 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 18 inches tall, providing ample space for a comfortable night’s sleep. Its maximum capacity of 300 pounds easily accommodates users of various sizes.


  • The luxurious feel of the velvety top and sides ensures a cozy and inviting sleeping experience.
  • The built-in electric pump allows for hassle-free inflation and deflation, saving you time and effort.
  • With Fiber-Tech Construction and unique edge construction, this air mattress offers exceptional durability and support, ensuring a restful sleep for years.
  • The included carrying case makes storing and transporting the air mattress easy, perfect for camping trips or accommodating guests at home.
  • This air mattress’s spacious dimensions provide ample room for a comfortable night’s sleep, catering to users of all sizes.


  • The maximum capacity of 300 pounds may not be sufficient for some users who require a higher-capacity air mattress.
  • Users may need access to electricity for inflation and deflation, limiting the mattress’s usability in remote or off-grid locations.
  • While the carrying case provides convenient portability, it may require additional storage space when unused.

OlarHike HT-688

Self-Inflating Convenience

OlarHike HT-688Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Self-Inflating Convenience

Say goodbye to manual inflation struggles. With the built-in 110V electric air pump, you can inflate and deflate the mattress quickly. Perfect for tired adventurers seeking quick setup and relaxation.

Innovative Air Coiled Design

Experience superior support with innovative air coil beams that distribute weight evenly from head to toe. This 18-inch queen air mattress is suitable for kids and adults.

Leak-Resistant Construction

Quality is paramount, and this air mattress delivers. Reinforced seam stitching prevents leaks and ensures stability throughout the night, providing rejuvenating sleep and peace of mind.

Ultra-Portable Design

Traveling has never been easier. The mattress folds down effortlessly for compact storage, which is ideal for on-the-go adventures. Whether camping or hosting guests, this blow-up bed is your perfect companion.

High-Quality Waterproof Material

Durability meets comfort with the waterproof seal and easy-to-clean surface. Whether indoors or outdoors, this airbed is ready for any surface, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


  • One-touch control for easy inflation and deflation.
  • Adjustable firmness for personalized comfort.
  • A flocked top adds an extra layer of coziness.
  • Quick inflation saves time and energy.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for convenient transportation.


  • The manufacturer’s warranty is only for 2 years.
  • Firmness may not suit everyone’s preferences.
  • No additional warranty options are available.

INTEX 64757E

Fiber-Tech Beam Construction

INTEX 64757ECheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Fiber-Tech Beam Construction

The INTEX 64757E Dura-Beam Standard Downy Air Mattress is built with Fiber-Tech Beam Construction, ensuring enhanced comfort, stability, and support. Unlike traditional air beds, this mattress can withstand more weight and pressure without compromising its shape or comfort.

Durable Design

Say goodbye to sagging or dipping air mattresses. The 10-inch raised design is engineered to endure the sleeper’s weight, maintaining its shape and support throughout the night. Its durability ensures long-lasting comfort for repeated use.

2-in-1 valve

Inflation and deflation are hassle-free, with the 2-in-1 valve featuring an extra-wide opening. This convenient design allows for swift setup and takedown, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. (Air pump sold separately)

Velvety Sleeping Surface

Experience a soft, velvety sleeping surface that feels luxurious and is easy to clean. The comfortable surface ensures a restful night’s sleep, whether used as a guest bed or for camping trips.

Customer Satisfaction

INTEX offers a 90-day manufacturer-limited warranty, providing peace of mind with your purchase. A dedicated customer service team is available via phone, chat, or email.


  • The Fiber-Tech Beam Construction provides enhanced support, making it suitable for various sleepers.
  • The 2-in-1 valve allows quick inflation and deflation, saving time and effort.
  • Designed to withstand the sleeper’s weight without sagging or losing shape, ensuring long-term use.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, whether as a guest bed or for camping trips.
  • The velvety sleeping surface is soft and easy to clean, maintaining hygiene and freshness.


  • While the mattress offers excellent features, the pump is sold separately, adding additional costs for those who don’t already own one.
  • Upon first inflation, the material may stretch, which could be mistaken for leaking. However, this is normal, and the bed will settle within 2-3 nights.
  • At 300 pounds, the mattress may be less suitable for heavier individuals than models with higher weight capacities.

Intex ‎64417ED

Durable Edge Construction

Intex ‎64417EDCheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Supreme Comfort

The INTEX Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort-Plush Luxury Air Mattress boasts a generous height of 22 inches, providing unparalleled comfort. Its unique dual-layer air pocket system contours to your body, ensuring a restful sleep every night. The velvety top and sides are soft to the touch and resistant to punctures and abrasions, ensuring long-lasting durability. Plus, it comes with a convenient carry bag for on-the-go use.

Durable Edge Construction

Unlike traditional air mattresses, this one features a unique edge construction designed to withstand the sleeper’s weight without sagging. This innovative design makes it 100% more durable, 35% more supportive, and 15% lighter, ensuring years of reliable use without compromising comfort.

Enhanced Lumbar Support

The horizontally positioned Dura beams provide 50% greater individual strand count, offering improved full-body support. The Fiber-Tech Construction, made of thousands of high-strength polyester fibers, ensures incredible durability and strength, giving you the support you need for a restful night’s sleep.

Built-In Electric Pump

Say goodbye to manual inflation and deflation struggles. This air mattress has a high-powered built-in electric pump (110-120V), allowing hassle-free setup and takedown. With an approximate inflation time of just 4.75 minutes, you can quickly prepare your bed whenever needed.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

INTEX stands behind its products. A dedicated customer service team is available via phone, chat, or email to address any questions or concerns. With INTEX’s 1-year manufacturer-limited warranty, you can rest easy knowing your purchase is protected. The included hand-carry bag makes storage and transport a breeze, adding to the convenience of this luxurious air mattress.


  • This air mattress is easy to set up thanks to the built-in electric pump. Simply plug it in, and within minutes, you’ll have a comfortable bed ready for use.
  • The Fiber-Tech Construction and unique edge design ensure outstanding support and stability, preventing sagging even after extended use.
  • This air mattress is constructed with high-quality materials, including puncture-resistant velvety fabric. It is built to last and provide years of reliable use.
  • The included carry bag makes it easy to transport this air mattress wherever you go; perfect for camping trips, overnight guests, or vacations.
  • Whether you need an extra bed for guests, a comfortable sleeping surface for camping, or a temporary solution for unexpected situations, this air mattress has you covered.


  • Some users may experience initial stretching of the material upon inflation, which can be mistaken for leaks. However, reinflating the bed is normal and can be easily remedied.
  • While the built-in electric pump offers convenience, it does require access to a power source for inflation and deflation, which may not be available in all situations.
  • While the 1-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty provides peace of mind, some users may prefer a more extended warranty period for added reassurance.

Intex 64131ED

Velvety Soft Top

Intex 64131EDCheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Fiber-Tech Interior

The Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Pillow Raised Inflatable Velvet Fiber-Tech Airbed Mattress boasts a cutting-edge Fiber-Tech interior, ensuring firmness and support throughout the night. Say goodbye to sagging and discomfort with this advanced technology.

Built-In Pillow

Experience maximum comfort with the built-in pillow feature. Packing extra pillows or worrying about neck support is unnecessary; this air mattress covers you for a restful night's sleep.

Velvety Soft Top

The velvety soft mattress top is luxurious, making bedtime feel like a pampering session. Say hello to a cozy retreat after a long day as you sink into the plush comfort of this airbed.

Stability and Support

This air mattress's unique edge and bottom ring construction offer superior strength. You can rest assured knowing that the mattress can support up to 300 pounds without compromising comfort or safety.

Easy Setup and Storage

The powerful internal pump allows for rapid inflation and deflation within minutes, simplifying the setup and takedown process. Additionally, the mattress comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transportation and safe storage, making it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.


  • The raised 16.5-inch height from the floor ensures a comfortable and relaxing night of sleep, mimicking the feel of a traditional bed.
  • There is no fuss with external pumps or manual inflation. The electric built-in pump makes setup a breeze, allowing you to focus on getting a good night’s rest.
  • The included carrying case makes it easy to take this air mattress with you wherever you go, whether for camping trips, overnight guests, or simply to have on hand for unexpected accommodation needs.
  • Crafted with quality materials, including puncture-resistant fabric, this air mattress is built to last, providing reliable comfort for years.
  • This product is perfect for adults and suitable for various settings, including home use, camping, dorm rooms, and temporary sleeping arrangements.


  • While ideal for solo sleepers, the twin size may not accommodate more prominent individuals or couples who prefer more space.
  • Although the mattress can support up to 300 pounds, heavier users may find it less supportive or prone to sagging over time.
  • Some users have reported that the built-in pump can be noisy during inflation and deflation, which may disrupt light sleepers or those sensitive to noise.

Intex 64101E

2-in-1 Valve

Intex 64101ECheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Dura-Beam Technology

The Intex 64101E Dura-Beam Standard Series Single Height Inflatable Airbed is equipped with advanced Dura-Beam technology, ensuring a cozy and comfortable Twin-size air mattress experience for your guests during their next visit. This technology enhances durability and stability, providing lasting comfort and support.

2-in-1 Valve

Featuring a built-in 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings, this airbed facilitates fast inflating and deflating, saving you time and effort. The convenient valve design adds to the user-friendly experience, making setup and takedown hassle-free.

Plush Dual Air Pillow Top

The airbed boasts a plush dual-air pillow top for added comfort, allowing guests to enjoy a luxurious sleeping surface. The velvety sides further enhance comfort while providing resistance against punctures and abrasions, ensuring long-term use.

Fiber Tech Strength

The Intex 64101E is constructed with thousands of high-strength polyester fibers and offers exceptional durability. Unlike traditional airbeds, which may stretch over time, this air mattress’s fiber-tech construction provides stability and support for years, making it a reliable bedding option.


With dimensions of 75 x 39 x 10 inches and a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this airbed is suitable for various settings, including camping trips, accommodating college students, or providing extra sleeping space for adults. Its beige color adds a touch of elegance to any room or outdoor environment.


  • The 2-in-1 valve system ensures quick inflation and deflation, allowing you to set up or pack away the airbed efficiently.
  • The plush dual-air pillow top and velvety sides offer a comfortable sleeping surface, promoting restful sleep for your guests.
  • The fiber tech strength of the airbed enhances its longevity, providing reliable support over time without stretching or sagging.
  • This airbed’s compact size and sturdy construction make it suitable for various occasions, from accommodating guests at home to outdoor camping adventures.
  • When not in use, the airbed can be deflated and compactly stored, making it ideal for households with limited space or for travel purposes.


  • While the airbed has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, it may not be suitable for individuals who exceed this limit, limiting its versatility in accommodating heavier users.
  • Some users may prefer airbeds with adjustable heights for personalized comfort, which the Intex 64101E Dura-Beam Standard Series Single Height Inflatable Airbed does not offer.
  • Despite the efficient 2-in-1 valve system, manual inflation and deflation may require additional effort compared to electric pump options, especially for individuals with mobility issues.


Effortless Inflation and Deflation

SLEEPLUX 69090ECheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Luxurious Comfort

The SleepLux Queen Air Mattress with Headboard boasts a plush, Snugable Top, providing unparalleled softness for a cozy night’s sleep. Unlike other airbeds, it retains body heat overnight, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable.

Premium Construction

Crafted from Tough Guard material, this air mattress is exceptionally durable. It’s resistant to stretching, punctures, and abrasions, making it ideal for long-term use. Despite its durability, it remains lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up.

Effortless Inflation and Deflation

The built-in pump makes inflating the mattress a breeze. Press a button, and the mattress inflates quietly in 5 minutes. Say goodbye to manual pumps and sleepless nights due to air loss.

Convenient USB Charging

No more searching for outlets near your bed. This air mattress features a built-in USB port, allowing you to charge your devices while sleeping conveniently. Keep your phone or tablet powered up without hassle.

Complete Package

Everything you need for a comfortable night’s rest is included. Along with the mattress, you’ll receive a storage bag for easy transportation and storage and a repair patch for quick fixes in case of accidental damage.


  • The Snugable Top provides a luxurious sleeping surface, ensuring maximum nighttime comfort.
  • Made from Tough Guard material, this air mattress is built to last, resisting punctures and abrasions for long-term use.
  • The built-in pump inflates the mattress in 5 minutes, saving time and effort.
  • The addition of a USB port allows for convenient device charging, eliminating the need for extra outlets or extension cords.
  • The included storage bag and repair patch provide everything you need for hassle-free use and maintenance.


  • While spacious, some users may find the queen size slightly smaller than expected, mainly if used by two individuals.
  • While efficient, the pump may produce some noise during inflation, disrupting light sleepers.
  • Some users have reported a slight chemical smell upon unboxing, although it typically dissipates after a few days.

Intex 64447ED

Plush Headboard

Intex 64447EDCheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Plush Headboard

The Intex queen-sized air mattress has a plush headboard, offering exceptional support when sitting up. Say goodbye to the discomfort of pillows falling off as you relax or read in bed. The headboard provides maximum comfort and relaxation, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Fiber-Tech Interior Construction

Engineered with Fiber-Tech interior construction and a dual-layer comfort top, this air mattress offers a smooth surface for a restful sleep experience. The sturdy construction enhances durability, providing reliable support throughout the night.

Built-in Electric Pump

Enjoy hassle-free inflation and deflation with the built-in electric pump. Say goodbye to manual pumping and hello to convenience. The integrated pump ensures a quick and effortless setup, so you can spend more time enjoying your comfortable bed.

Secure Sheet Fit

This air mattress’s unique construction allows standard bed sheets to tuck in quickly and securely. Say goodbye to messy bedding and hello to a neat sleep surface.

Stability and Support

With a maximum capacity of 600 pounds and raised 18 inches from the ground, this air mattress offers superior strength and ease of access. The edge and bottom ring construction provide additional support, ensuring a safe and secure sleeping environment.


  • Includes a carrying case for efficient and safe storage, making it perfect for camping trips, overnight guests, or unexpected sleepovers.
  • The built-in pump makes inflation and deflation a breeze, allowing you to set up your bed in minutes.
  • It is ideal for various settings, including camping, guest rooms, or as a temporary sleeping solution.
  • The plush headboard and smooth top layer offer a luxurious sleeping experience, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Keeps standard bed sheets in place throughout the night, eliminating the need for constant readjustment.


  • Weighing 26 pounds, this air mattress may be heavier than traditional mattresses, making it less suitable for frequent travel or outdoor activities.
  • Requires access to electricity for inflation and deflation, limiting its use in remote or off-grid locations.
  • Some users may notice a slight odor upon initial inflation, which typically dissipates after airing out the mattress for a few hours.

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