Best Auto Soap Dispenser To Enhance Your Handwash Rituals

February 20, 2024
Best Auto Soap Dispenser To Enhance Your Handwash Rituals
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The auto soap dispenser emerges as a technological marvel, revolutionizing our daily handwashing rituals, and your convenience meets hygiene. Moreover, it is a touchless experience, as sleek as sanitary, dispelling soap with a wave of your hand. This modern marvel is not just a dispenser; it's a seamlessly blended symbol of efficiency and cleanliness.

Gone are the days of fumbling with traditional pump dispensers, leaving trails of germs in their wake. The auto soap dispenser takes center stage while offering a touch-free solution that enhances your hands' cleanliness and elevates your entire restroom experience. With sensors that respond to your presence like a loyal companion, these dispensers bring a touch of futurism to handwashing.

Embracing innovation, these devices contribute to a germ-free environment and add a dash of sophistication to any space. Whether in the sleek confines of a modern restroom or the bustling activity of a high-traffic public area, auto soap dispensers are silent sentinels of cleanliness. Join the wave of progress and bid farewell to the era of manual dispensing – the future of hand hygiene has arrived with the auto soap dispenser at the forefront.

Types of Auto Soap Dispenser

Touchless Infrared Dispensers

These are the most common and widely used auto soap dispensers. Activated by infrared sensors, they detect the presence of hands and dispense soap without any physical contact. This type minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and is often found in public restrooms, offices, and healthcare facilities.

Foaming Soap Dispensers

These dispensers are designed explicitly for foaming, transforming liquid soap into a rich, foamy lather. They are known for being more economical as they require less soap per use, making them a popular choice for households and commercial settings.

Wall-Mounted Dispensers

Ideal for spaces where countertop real estate is limited, wall-mounted auto soap dispensers provide a space-saving solution. They are commonly found in public restrooms, kitchens, and healthcare facilities. Their sleek design contributes to a clutter-free environment.

Countertop Dispensers

These are designed to sit on countertops, making them suitable for residential use, offices, or areas where wall mounting is not feasible. Countertop dispensers are often appreciated for their accessibility and ease of installation.

Built-in Dispensers

Integrated into sinks or countertops, built-in auto soap dispensers offer a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution. They are commonly seen in modern kitchen designs and upscale bathrooms while contributing to a clean and cohesive appearance.

Commercial Grade Dispensers

Engineered for high-traffic areas, commercial-grade auto soap dispensers are robust, durable, and often have larger capacities. These dispensers are commonly found in airports, shopping malls, and other public spaces where hygiene is a top priority.

Touch-Activated Dispensers

While not entirely touchless like infrared sensors, touch-activated dispensers require minimal physical contact. A light touch is all it takes to trigger the dispensing mechanism, balancing convenience and hygiene.

Battery-Operated Dispensers

Many auto soap dispensers are powered by batteries, providing flexibility in placement without the need for electrical outlets. Battery-operated models are standard in various settings, offering a hassle-free and cord-free experience.

Buying Guide For Auto Soap Dispenser

Sensor Technology

The heart of any auto soap dispenser lies in its sensor. Opt for infrared sensors for precise and responsive operation. This ensures an efficient touchless experience that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

Capacity Matters

Consider the dispenser’s capacity based on your usage needs. Higher capacity units are ideal for busy public spaces, while smaller ones may suffice for home use. Strike a balance to avoid constant refilling without sacrificing space.

Refill Compatibility

Check the dispenser’s compatibility with various soap types. Some models are versatile, accepting liquid and foam soap, while others are specific. Choose based on your preferred soap type and availability.

Battery Life

Nothing is more frustrating than a dispenser running out of power frequently. Look for models with extended battery life, and consider those with low-battery indicators for timely replacements.

Build Quality

A durable and sturdy dispenser ensures longevity. Opt for models made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of frequent use. Stainless steel or ABS plastic are excellent choices for their durability and resistance to corrosion.

Adjustable Dispensing Settings

Personalize your handwashing experience by choosing a dispenser with adjustable dispensing settings. Moreover, this feature allows you to control the amount of soap dispensed, preventing wastage and ensuring optimal usage.

Easy Installation

Opt for models that are easy to install and maintain. Look for dispensers with straightforward mounting options and easy-access compartments for refills.

Design Aesthetics

While functionality is paramount, aesthetics matter, too. Choose a dispenser that complements your space, whether it’s a sleek, modern design for a commercial restroom or a subtle, elegant option for home use.

Budget Considerations

Determine your budget range and explore options within that bracket. With various models available, there’s likely a dispenser that meets your requirements without breaking the bank.

5 Best Auto Soap Dispensers

Embracing modern hygiene practices, auto soap dispensers boast many features that redefine the handwashing experience. With touchless infrared sensors, these dispensers ensure a hands-free operation, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. The convenience extends to the versatility of soap types, accommodating both liquid and foaming options.

Adjustable dispensing settings allow users to customize the amount of soap, preventing wastage. Built with durability, these dispensers often feature high-quality materials such as stainless steel or ABS plastic. Battery-operated models enhance flexibility in placement, while user-friendly designs make installation and maintenance a breeze.

Beyond functionality, the benefits include improved cleanliness, reduced germ transmission, and a sophisticated, modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into various settings, from homes to high-traffic public spaces. Elevate your hand hygiene routine with the cutting-edge features and benefits of auto soap dispensers.


3 Adjustable Settings

EKO EK6088L-MTCheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Smart Liquid Soap Dispenser

The EKO Aroma takes hand hygiene to the next level with its touchless technology, providing a completely hands-free experience. It detects your hands within a range of 3 inches and dispenses liquid hand soap in a mere 0.2 seconds while ensuring quick and efficient handwashing.

3 Adjustable Settings

Customize the amount of soap according to your preference with the three adjustable settings. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, office, school, or home, this dispenser caters to your specific needs, delivering the right amount of soap every time.

Safe, Water-Resistant Charging Port

The dispenser features a water-resistant charging port, ensuring safety while recharging. A quick recharge lasts up to three months, making it a convenient and reliable addition to your daily routine.

Large Capacity of 9.5 Fluid Oz.

With a generous capacity of 9.5 fluid ounces (250 ml), the EKO Aroma meets every family’s specific needs while minimizing the frequency of refills and ensuring a continuous supply of liquid soap.

Water-Resistant Design and Self-Cleaning Mode

Specifically designed for wet environments, the dispenser operates flawlessly in any setting. Its self-cleaning mode adds an extra layer of convenience, helping maintain the hygiene of the internal pump mechanisms.


  • The touch-opening lid pops up for easy and convenient refills, simplifying the maintenance of the dispenser.
  • The EKO Aroma works seamlessly with various liquids, including hand sanitizer gel, dish soap, liquid hand soap, shampoo, and body wash, while offering versatility for your household needs.
  • Available in different colors and materials, such as brushed stainless, dark grey, pearl white steel, and more, the dispenser allows you to choose the one that complements your aesthetic preferences.


  • While the dispenser detects most sponges and rubber gloves, it may not recognize all colors, limiting its sensing range for certain utensils.
  • The EKO Aroma is unsuitable for foam soap use, so users need to stick to liquid options.
  • While the dispenser offers long-term cost savings with its rechargeable feature, the initial investment might be higher than traditional dispensers.

Umbra 1012609-660

Touchless Operation

Umbra 1012609-660Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Ideal for Liquid-based Hand Soap or Sanitizer

Otto is your go-to dispenser for liquid soap or hand sanitizer. It boasts a fast dispensing speed, making it convenient for daily use. However, it’s important to note that Otto is not recommended for use with foaming, granular, or thick gel-based soap or sanitizer.

Fast Dispensing

With an improved motor function, Otto dispenses soap or sanitizer in a swift 0.2 seconds while ensuring a quick and efficient hand-cleaning experience.

Touchless Operation

Otto’s touchless design is a game-changer, promoting a hygienic environment by minimizing contact. Its 8.5 fl oz (250ml) capacity is ideal for liquid hand soap, dish soap, or sanitizer.

Easy to Fill with Non-Drip Spout

The innovative non-drip spout creates a seal to minimize clogging and prevent messy drips. The fluid level indicator window and large top-load opening simplify refilling, ensuring a mess-free experience.

Patented Design

Otto proudly flaunts its patented design, holding U.S. Patent No. D682.589 and China Patent No. CN302221937S. Powered by four AAA batteries (not included), Otto measures 3.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches, blending seamlessly into any space.


  • Otto features a discreet on/off switch, maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive appearance.
  • The LED indicators add a touch of modernity, informing you about the dispenser’s status.
  • The non-drip spout not only minimizes clogs but also adds to the overall cleanliness of your space.
  • Refilling Otto is a breeze, thanks to the wide funnel refill opening that eliminates the hassle of spills.
  • Whether liquid hand soap, dish soap, or sanitizer, Otto is versatile and adaptable to your hygiene needs.


  • Otto is not recommended for foaming, granular, or thick gel-based soaps, limiting its compatibility.
  • Otto might require frequent battery changes depending on usage when operating on four AAA batteries (not included).
  • With an 8.5 fl oz capacity, Otto may need more frequent refilling in high-traffic areas.


Durable Design

Georgia-Pacific-53590Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Hygienic Excellence

The dispenser ensures hygienic practices with every use, thanks to its sealed refill bottles with a fresh nozzle. This design significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination and the transmission of germs, ensuring a safer environment for all.

Easy Maintenance

With high-capacity refills and an easy-load design, maintaining the dispenser is a breeze. The long-lasting batteries further reduce maintenance time, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks without compromising cleanliness.

Durable Design

Crafted to handle heavy usage, the dispenser boasts a durable design with a 5-year warranty. This guarantees a long lifespan and provides peace of mind, making it an excellent investment for any facility.

Versatile Dispensing

This automated dispenser is incredibly versatile, accommodating hand soap and sanitizer. The flexibility in dispensing options makes it suitable for various settings, adapting to the specific needs of your facility.

Exclusive Compatibility

Designed exclusively for use with Pacific Blue Ultra Automated Hand Soap refills (43716, 43717, 43822) and Hand Sanitizer Refill 43337, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.


  • Attractive and Affordable
  • Efficient and Coordinated Restroom Solution
  • Great for Small Businesses
  • Space-Saving High-Capacity Refills
  • Innovative and Durable Construction


  • Requires 4 D batteries (included), which may need periodic replacement.
  • Limited color options (available only in black).
  • Exclusive compatibility might limit the options for soap and sanitizer selection.


Automatic Foaming Technology

LAOPAO JS001-1USCheck Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Automatic Foaming Technology

LAOPAO’s soap dispenser offers fully touchless operation with high and low foam modes. Whether you prefer a rich lather or a more subtle foam, this dispenser covers you.

Quick Installation & Safety Refill

The bottom refill design ensures a swift and mess-free replenishment process. You can easily remove the soap tank for a hassle-free refill, eliminating concerns about liquid damage to the dispenser.

High-Precise Sensor Design

The dispenser is equipped with a high-precision sensor that activates in a fraction of a second, providing an instant and efficient foaming experience with just a wave of your hand.

Easy Operation

With a single-button operation, LAOPAO’s dispenser is user-friendly. A short press turns it on/off, while a long press for 3 seconds allows you to switch between high and low soap modes.

Generous Capacity

With a 240ml/8.12OZ capacity and a visible volume indicator, you’ll always know when it’s time for a refill. Note: Make sure to use 1.5V A.A. batteries for optimal performance.


  • The dispenser features a smiling indicator that lights up, creating a fun and interactive user experience.
  • LAOPAO promises a richer foam without manual foaming. Adjust the amount of soap with ease using the power button.
  • Perfect for maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen, bathroom, or hospital, the touchless operation prevents cross-contamination.
  • The bevel design keeps the foam outlet clean, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.
  • Clear instructions on diluting hand soap, proper maintenance, and troubleshooting tips ensure a seamless experience.


  • The dispenser requires 1.5V A.A. batteries, which are not included in the package.
  • The dispenser should not be immersed in water, limiting cleaning options.
  • Some users may experience difficulty securely snapping the soap reservoir to the dispenser.

Georgia-Pacific 59590

Flexible Refill Options for Versatility

Georgia-Pacific 59590Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

High Capacity for Extended Use

The dispenser can accommodate 1150-ft towel rolls, significantly extending the time between refills. This high capacity ensures a consistent supply of paper towels and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

Enhanced Image with Contemporary Design

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your restroom with the dispenser’s attractive design that seamlessly coordinates with other Pacific Blue dispensers. It’s not just a practical solution; it’s a visual enhancement for your space.

Easy-to-Refill for Seamless Maintenance

Designed conveniently, the dispenser features an easy-access front cover that opens 180°, making refilling a breeze. Say goodbye to time-consuming and complicated maintenance routines.

Durable Security with Key Lock

Security matters and this dispenser ensures it has a key lock mechanism, protecting against theft. Backed by a solid 10-year warranty, it’s a durable investment that stands the test of time.

Flexible Refill Options for Versatility

Choose the paper towel style that suits your preferences. The dispenser is compatible with Pacific Blue Ultra Roll Paper Towels 26490, 26491, 26495, and 26496, offering color and roll quantity flexibility.


  • The dispenser is affordable to purchase and reduces operational costs by extending the life of each towel roll.
  • Perfect for businesses with limited storage space, the dispenser’s three-roll cases optimize storage without compromising efficiency.
  • Whether you prefer brown or white towels, this dispenser caters to both, ensuring inventory efficiency for automated and mechanical dispensers.
  • The dispenser’s modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your restroom, creating a positive impression on users.
  • The user-friendly design facilitates quick and hassle-free maintenance, saving valuable time for your staff.


  • While offering flexibility in roll quantity, the dispenser provides a limited color option, limiting customization for specific preferences.
  • The dimensions of 12.9″ W x 9″ D x 16″ H may pose challenges for installations in smaller restroom spaces.
  • The key lock system, while providing security, may become a drawback if keys are misplaced, leading to potential access issues.

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