Best Smart Plugs to Control Your Devices Remotely

November 30, 2023
Best Smart Plugs to Control Your Devices Remotely
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Smart plugs allow users to control and monitor their devices remotely through a smartphone or other connected devices. These plugs enhance the functionality of traditional electrical outlets by integrating them into the rapidly expanding realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart plugs are equipped with WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities. It enables seamless communication with a user’s home network and often comes with accompanying mobile applications that offer a user-friendly interface for managing connected devices.

One of the primary advantages of smart plugs is their ability to transform ordinary appliances into intelligent, programmable devices. Users can schedule when connected devices turn on or off, helping to automate daily routines and optimize energy consumption. Beyond scheduling, smart plugs often provide real-time energy usage monitoring, empowering users with insights into their electricity consumption patterns. This facilitates cost savings and contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Additionally, many smart plugs are compatible with popular voice-activated assistants. At the same time, it allows users to control their connected devices using voice commands for a hands-free and seamless experience. Security is another critical aspect of smart plugs. Many models include remote monitoring, notifications, and the ability to set timers, adding an extra layer of control and safety to a connected home.

Integrating encryption protocols and secure authentication mechanisms ensures that smart plugs prioritize user privacy and safeguard against unauthorized access. As the demand for smart home solutions continues to grow, smart plugs have emerged as essential components while offering a convenient entry point for individuals seeking to make their homes more intelligent, efficient, and connected.

Types of Smart Plugs

Basic Smart Plugs

These standard smart plugs provide remote control capabilities for connected devices. They usually connect to your home WiFi network. It can be controlled through a dedicated mobile app. Essential smart plugs are ideal for simple automation tasks like turning lights, fans, or small appliances on and off.

Energy Monitoring Smart Plugs

Energy monitoring smart plugs offer the additional feature of tracking the energy consumption of connected devices. Users can monitor real-time and historical energy usage through the accompanying app. This smart plug benefits those looking to optimize energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs.

Outdoor Smart Plugs

Outdoor smart plugs are designed to withstand various weather conditions while making them suitable for outdoor use. They are ideal for controlling and automating outdoor lighting, garden equipment, or holiday decorations. Outdoor smart plugs often have a robust and weather-resistant build to ensure durability.

Power Strips with Smart Outlets

Some smart plugs are integrated into power strips. It provides multiple smart outlets in a single device. This is convenient for managing several devices in one location, such as a home office or entertainment center. Power strips with smart outlets may also include USB ports for charging devices.

Smart Plugs with USB Ports

Smart plugs with built-in USB ports offer the convenience of charging USB-powered devices directly from the smart plug. This eliminates the need for additional adapters and can help charge smartphones, tablets, or other USB gadgets.

In-Wall Smart Outlets

In-wall smart outlets replace traditional electrical outlets and provide a seamless and integrated smart home experience. These outlets are directly installed into the wall. It offers a discreet and permanent innovative solution for controlling connected devices.

Smart Plugs with Voice Control

Many smart plugs are compatible with popular voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. This allows users to control connected devices using voice commands while adding an extra convenience layer to smart home automation.

Smart Plugs with Dimming Functionality

Some smart plugs are designed to control devices with dimming capabilities, such as dimmable lights or lamps. These plugs allow users to adjust the brightness levels of connected lights through the mobile app or voice commands.

Multi-Protocol Smart Plugs

Multi-protocol smart plugs are designed to work with different communication protocols while ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smart home ecosystems. This versatility makes them suitable for devices using various communication standards.

Buying Guide for Smart Plugs


Ensure that the smart plug you choose is compatible with your home automation system or the platforms you use, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with your existing smart home ecosystem while allowing unified control.


Smart plugs typically use WiFi or Bluetooth for connectivity. Wi-Fi-enabled plugs offer more extensive range and remote control options, while Bluetooth may be suitable for smaller spaces. Consider your home’s layout and the distance between the smart plug and your router to determine the most appropriate connectivity option.

App Features

Evaluate the features offered by the accompanying mobile app. A user-friendly and intuitive app can enhance your experience with the smart plug. Look for features such as scheduling, energy monitoring, and the ability to control multiple plugs simultaneously. Additionally, check if the app receives regular updates for bug fixes and new features.

Voice Control Compatibility

If you use voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri, ensure the smart plug is compatible with your preferred voice control platform. This allows for convenient, hands-free operation of your connected devices.

Energy Monitoring

Some smart plugs come with energy monitoring features that allow you to track the power consumption of connected devices. If energy efficiency is a priority, consider a smart plug capable of monitoring and optimizing electricity usage.

Size and Design

Consider the physical size and design of the smart plug, especially if you plan to use it in tight spaces or with multiple plugs in the same outlet. Some smart plugs are designed to be compact, while others may have a bulkier build that could obstruct adjacent outlets.

Third-Party Integration

Check if the smart plug integrates with third-party smart home devices or platforms. Compatibility with a wide range of appliances can enhance the versatility of your smart home setup.

Security Features

Prioritize smart plugs with robust security features. Look for features like encryption, secure authentication, and regular firmware updates to protect your connected devices and ensure your privacy.

Price and Brand Reputation

Compare prices across different brands and models to find a smart plug that fits your budget while meeting your requirements. Additionally, consider the brand's reputation for reliability and customer support.

7 Best Smart Plugs

Smart plugs offer many features and benefits that enhance the efficiency and convenience of daily life. Equipped with remote control capabilities via mobile apps or voice assistants, smart plugs enable users to manage and automate the power supply to various devices from anywhere. Energy monitoring features provide insights into electricity consumption, facilitating informed decisions for optimizing usage and reducing costs.

Compatibility with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allows for hands-free control. The ability to schedule device operation, integrate with other smart home devices, and enhance security through features like remote monitoring collectively make smart plugs indispensable tools for creating a connected and energy-efficient home environment.

Kasa Smart HS103P4

Voice Control Compatibility

Kasa Smart HS103P4Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Voice Control Compatibility:
Enjoy hands-free convenience with voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant. The Kasa smart plugs seamlessly integrate with these popular voice assistants, allowing you to control your home electronic appliances with simple voice commands.

Remote Control from Anywhere:
With the Kasa app, you can remotely control your smart home devices from anywhere using your smartphone. Whether at home, in the office, or on vacation, the app provides a user-friendly interface for turning electronics on and off.

Scheduling and Timer Functions:
Utilize timer or countdown schedules to automate the operation of your devices, such as lamps, fans, humidifiers, and Christmas lights. The Kasa app, compatible with iOS 10.0 or later, enables easy scheduling for enhanced convenience and energy efficiency.

Easy Setup and Use:

The smart plugs require a 2.4GHz WiFi connection and boast a straightforward setup process. Plug in, open the Kasa app, follow the instructions, and enjoy the benefits of smart home automation.

Trusted and Reliable:
Designed and developed in Silicon Valley, Kasa Smart is a trusted brand with over 5 million users. The product is UL-certified for safety, ensuring reliability and adherence to quality standards.

Intelligent Actions for Enhanced Automation:
Create interactions with your Kasa smart plug and other Kasa products for enhanced automation. For example, connect a lamp to your plug so that when your security camera detects motion, the light turns on, providing an additional layer of security.

Count Down Timer and Away Mode:
Set a countdown timer for your connected appliances to automatically turn off, and utilize the Away Mode to create the illusion of presence by automatically turning on and off connected appliances like lamps.

Run Time & Usage Tracking:
Monitor the run times of your connected devices to track usage and make informed decisions to reduce energy consumption. The Kasa app provides insights into the runtime of your devices for efficient energy management.

Guided Installation through the Kasa App:
The Kasa app not only features all the expected functionalities but also guides users through each step of the installation process. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free connection of your smart plug with your home WiFi, Alexa, or Google Assistant.


  • Enables hands-free control through popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Allows users to control devices remotely via the Kasa app from anywhere, enhancing convenience and flexibility.
  • Offers the ability to schedule and set timers for connected devices, promoting energy efficiency and automation.
  • The 2.4GHz WiFi connection and intuitive setup process make installation straightforward for users.
  • Developed by Kasa, a leading smart home brand and UL-certified for safety, instilling confidence in reliability.


  • Users must ensure compatibility with their home automation system or voice assistant platform.
  • The product comes in a pack of four, which may be more than needed for users with fewer devices or specific requirements.
  • While the value is often justified, the upfront cost of a four-pack may be higher than that of individual smart plugs for users with specific needs.

GHome Smart ‎WP3-4

Safe Design & Quick Connection

GHome Smart ‎WP3-4Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Safe Design & Quick Connection

The smart plug is designed for safety and ensures a quick connection to your stable 2.4GHz network. The improved WiFi technology facilitates a rapid and stable connection, providing a seamless user experience.

Hands-Free Voice Control

This smart plug is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant and allows convenient hands-free control. Give voice commands to your preferred voice assistant to manage connected home devices effortlessly.

App Remote Control from Anywhere

The GHome Smart Mini Smart Plug offers remote control through the dedicated app, allowing users to manage connected devices from anywhere. Whether at home or away, you can control your devices remotely if your phone has access to a secure network (2.4G, 4G, or 5G WiFi).

Schedules & Auto-Off Timer

Easily set timers and schedules for connected devices, enabling them to work as scheduled with features like auto-off and auto-on. This functionality enhances automation, making it convenient for users to customize device operations.

Grouping Control & Sharing

The smart plug supports grouping control, allowing users to set a group for all WiFi smart plugs and control them with a single tap. Additionally, users can share their WiFi plug smart outlets with family members, enhancing accessibility and collaborative control.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

GHome Smart emphasizes sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in their product development. They aim to reduce environmental impact by implementing energy-efficient processes and manufacturing low-carbon products, making sustainability accessible to everyone.

Easy Pairing Process

The product includes a straightforward pairing process with the app. Users can download the app, follow the instructions for pairing (either EZ mode or AP mode), and enjoy the benefits of smart plug control.

Compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

The smart plug specifically supports 2.4GHz WiFi for connection with the app. Users are advised to ensure their router broadcasts in the 2.4GHz network for compatibility.

Max Load Power and Appliance Compatibility

The smart plug supports home appliances with a maximum load power of 1200W and 10A. Users are encouraged to check the load requirements of their devices before plugging them into the smart outlet.

Tips for Quick Connection

The product provides valuable tips for quick connections, including troubleshooting steps such as resetting the smart plug, adjusting network settings, and ensuring proximity between the smart outlet and the router during the initial connection.


  • Easy scheduling and timer functions enhance automation, allowing users to set customized schedules and auto-off timers for connected devices.
  • Supports grouping control for multiple smart plugs, enabling users to control them collectively with a single tap. The option to share control with family members enhances collaborative usage.
  • The brand emphasizes sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, implementing energy-efficient processes and manufacturing low-carbon products.
  • The product offers a straightforward pairing process with the app, facilitating quick setup for users.
  • Including compatibility tips and troubleshooting guidance ensures a smoother user experience during setup and operation.


  • Users are advised to keep the smart outlet and router closed during the initial connection, which may be inconvenient for some users.
  • Comes in a pack of four, which may be more than needed for users with fewer devices or specific requirements.
  • Users with routers that broadcast 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals must select the 2.4GHz network when setting up the smart plug.

Kasa Smart KP303

Remote Control from Anywhere

Kasa Smart KP303Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Individually Controllable Outlets

Manage up to 5 devices simultaneously with three independently controllable smart outlets and two always-on USB ports. This feature provides flexibility and convenience in controlling various appliances and charging devices.

Voice Control Compatibility

Enjoy hands-free control by integrating the power strip with Alexa and Google Assistant. Voice commands can control plugged-in devices, providing a convenient and efficient user experience.

Surge Protection

ETL-certified surge protection shields sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden power surges, ensuring the safety of connected devices and providing peace of mind.

Remote Control from Anywhere

Utilize the intuitive Kasa Smart app to control connected devices from your mobile device remotely. You can easily manage and monitor your devices at home or away for added convenience.

Schedules and Timers

Create schedules and timers using the Kasa Smart app to turn individual outlets on/off at specific times. This feature enhances efficiency, saves energy, and allows users to customize the operation of their devices based on their daily routines.

No Hub Required

The power strip connects directly to any secured 2.4GHz wireless network, eliminating the need for a separate hub or additional equipment. This simplifies the setup process and enhances the overall user experience.

Simple Setup

Download the Kasa Smart app (Android and iOS), plug in the bright power strip, and connect to WiFi to initiate control over your devices. The straightforward setup process ensures a quick start to managing your devices remotely.

Leading Smart Home Brand

Launched in 2015, Kasa Smart has become a leading smart home brand, trusted by over 7 million users. The brand is recognized and praised by reputable sources such as PCMag and Wirecutter, reflecting its commitment to delivering users convenience, fun, and security.

Synergy Between Devices for Automation

Kasa Smart offers a terrific synergy between devices, allowing for enhanced automation. The ability to individually control three smart outlets on the power strip adds versatility to smart home setups.

Ideal for Various Spaces

With independent control of three devices and extra USB ports to charge two others, the Kasa Smart WiFi power strip is suitable for family rooms, home offices, small businesses, and holiday lights. It provides remote power control for various environments and applications.


  • Three independently controllable smart outlets provide flexibility in managing devices and appliances according to specific needs.
  • Works seamlessly with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for hands-free control through voice commands.
  • ETL-certified surge protection safeguards sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden power surges, enhancing the longevity and reliability of connected devices.
  • The Kasa Smart app enables remote control of connected devices, offering convenience and flexibility whether users are at home or away.
  • Users can create schedules and timers for individual outlets, promoting energy efficiency and allowing for customized device control based on daily routines.


  • For users with fewer devices or specific requirements, the three outlets may be more than needed, and a smaller option may be preferred.
  • Comes as a power strip with multiple outlets, which may be larger than needed for users with limited space or specific usage scenarios.
  • While the value is often justified, the upfront cost may be higher than individual smart plugs for users with specific needs.

Kasa Smart ‎EP40

IP64 Weather Resistance

Kasa Smart ‎EP40Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Individual Control of 2 Outlets

The outdoor smart plug features 2 AC outlets that work and can be controlled independently, providing versatility for managing different devices. Each outlet supports a maximum of 15A/1875W.

IP64 Weather Resistance

The outdoor plug is equipped with IP64 weather resistance, protecting against water and dirt. The attached waterproof cover adds an extra layer of defense when the outlets are not in use.

Voice & Remote Control

Enjoy hands-free control with voice commands through Alexa or Google Home Assistant. The outdoor plug allows for remote control of electronic appliances from anywhere using the Kasa app, providing convenience at home, in the office, or while on vacation.

Easy Setup and Use

The setup process is simple, requiring a 2.4GHz WiFi connection. After plugging in the outdoor smart plug, users can follow the straightforward instructions in the Kasa app for quick and easy integration into their smart home.

Scheduling and Countdown Timer

Use schedules or a countdown timer to automate the outdoor plug, allowing it to turn on and off at specific times. The sunset/sunrise offset feature enhances automation by aligning actions with daytime conditions.

Strong WiFi Connection

The outdoor plug is designed with a built-in power amplifier for a long-range WiFi connection, reaching up to 300 ft in open spaces. This ensures a robust and reliable connection to your WiFi network.

Trusted and Reliable

As a brand, Kasa is trusted by over 6 million users and was recognized as the Reader’s Choice of PCMag 2020. The outdoor smart plug comes with a 2-year warranty, adding to its reliability.

Unified Control with Single Tap

Remotely power the outdoor smart plug on or off with a single tap on your phone. Group indoor and outdoor devices for unified control, allowing you to combine living room bulbs with patio lights for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Control Individual Outlets

Each outlet on the outdoor plug can be controlled individually through the Kasa app or with voice commands using Alexa and Google Assistant, offering tailored control options for different devices.

Grouping & Scenes

Group the outdoor plug with other Kasa devices to turn them on or off with a single click. Create custom presets with scenes to enhance control and automation.

Away Mode

The Away Mode feature automatically turns connected devices on and off, creating the appearance of someone being home for added security.

Countdown Timer

Set a countdown timer for the outdoor plug to automatically turn off after a specified duration, providing additional energy-saving and convenience features.

Landscape, Pool, and Holiday Lights Compatibility

Extend your smart home to the outdoors with compatibility for landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, and other outdoor appliances, offering a comprehensive solution for outdoor automation.


  • Allows independent control of two devices or appliances, providing versatility in managing outdoor electronic equipment.
  • Designed with IP64 weather resistance, protecting the outdoor smart plug from water and dirt, enhancing durability and reliability.
  • Enables hands-free control through voice commands with Alexa or Google Home Assistant. Remote control via the Kasa app allows users to manage devices from anywhere.
  • The setup process is user-friendly, requiring only a 2.4GHz WiFi connection. The Kasa app provides simple instructions for quick integration into a smart home system.
  • Offers scheduling and countdown timer features for automation, allowing users to set specific times for the outdoor plug to turn on and off, enhancing energy efficiency.


  • Designed specifically for outdoor use, restricting applications for indoor devices.
  • While the value is often justified, the upfront cost may be higher than standard indoor smart plugs.
  • Before purchasing, users should check the compatibility of their specific outdoor devices and appliances.

Philips Hue ‎552349

Voice Control

Philips Hue ‎552349Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Inconspicuous, Compact Design

The Philips Hue Smart Plug features a small, white, and subtle design, blending seamlessly into any environment. Its compact design allows it to fit neatly in your outlet without blocking other sockets.

Compatibility and Connectivity

It works with any light, even where you can’t place a Hue bulb, turning it into an intelligent light. The smart plug is compatible with Bluetooth and the Hue Bridge (sold separately). It allows instant light control with Bluetooth or unlocks advanced features when connected to the Hue Bridge.

Voice Control

Convenient intelligent control with voice commands. Set up voice control in the Hue app and use simple commands to control your lights with popular voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

Hue Bridge Integration

Unlock the full power of Hue by adding a Hue Bridge to your setup. This enables automation, control from anywhere worldwide, and a secure, stable connection that won’t drain your WiFi. The Hue Bridge also facilitates integration with other smart home devices through Matter.

Easy Setup

Plug the smart plug into the outlet, connect your light, and use Bluetooth for instant light control. For advanced features, click on the Hue Bridge. The user-friendly setup process allows quick integration into your smart home.

Compatible with Hue Ecosystem

Integrates seamlessly with the Philips Hue ecosystem while allowing you to control and customize your intelligent lighting experience. The smart plug is an excellent addition to expanding and enhancing your Hue setup.

Transform Any Light

The smart plug allows you to transform any standard light fixture in your home into a convenient bright light while providing intelligent lighting without needing additional smart bulbs.

Matter Compatibility

Supports Matter is a connectivity standard for smart home devices that enables interoperability and seamless communication between brands and ecosystems.

Out-of-Home Control

With the Hue Bridge, enjoy the convenience of controlling your lights from anywhere in the world. This feature adds extra flexibility and security to your smart home setup.

Sleek and Stylish Upgrade

Upgrade your home lighting without sacrificing style. The sleek and discreet design of the smart plug enhances the aesthetics of your home or office while bringing intelligent lighting capabilities.

Secure Connectivity

The smart plug offers secure and stable connectivity, ensuring reliable performance without slowing down your WiFi network.

Products with Electrical Plugs

Designed for use in the US, users should check compatibility before purchasing if they intend to use it internationally.


  • The small and subtle design of the smart plug allows it to blend seamlessly into any environment, offering a discreet and unobtrusive addition to your home.
  • Works with any light, enabling users to transform standard light fixtures into bright lights without needing specific intelligent bulbs.
  • Convenient voice control through popular voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, providing a hands-free experience for controlling lights.
  • Offers flexibility with both Bluetooth and Hue Bridge compatibility. Use Bluetooth for instant control or connect to the Hue Bridge for advanced features, including out-of-home control, automation, and integration with other smart home devices through Matter.
  • Simple and user-friendly setup process. Just plug the smart plug into the outlet, connect your light, and use Bluetooth for quick and easy control. For more advanced features, click on the Hue Bridge.


  • While the value is often justified, the upfront cost may be higher than standard smart plugs, especially when considering the need for a Hue Bridge for advanced features.
  • Full utilization of features may require reliance on the Hue app, which may be a preference issue for users who prefer a different smart home ecosystem.
  • Available only in white, limiting aesthetic choices for users with specific color preferences.
  • Sold as a single pack, users with multiple lights or devices may need additional units, potentially increasing the overall cost.

Wyze WLPP1

Remote Control and Monitoring

Wyze WLPP1Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Voice Command Integration

Works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to control connected devices using voice commands. This hands-free operation adds convenience to daily tasks.

Remote Control and Monitoring

Enables users to check the status of all Wyze plugs and remotely turn them on or off. This feature provides flexibility and helps avoid unnecessary energy consumption and potential hazards.

Custom Scheduling

The Wyze app allows for custom scheduling, letting users set specific times for Wyze Plug to turn on or off. This is useful for automating routines, such as waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Grouping for Room Control

The Wyze app supports grouping, allowing users to connect multiple Wyze plugs to one space. This feature enables the simultaneous control of various devices with a single tap or voice command from an intelligent assistant.

Vacation Mode

Enhances home security by automatically turning connected devices on and off at random intervals, creating the illusion that someone is home. This can act as a deterrent for potential intruders.

Automation with Wyze Sense

It integrates with Wyze Sense to control devices based on motion and open/closed events. This ensures that devices turn on when people are around and off when they leave, contributing to energy efficiency.

IFTTT Compatibility

Expand compatibility by allowing integration with various smart home devices and services through IFTTT (If This Then That) while enhancing the overall smart home experience.

Effortless Control and Monitoring:

The Wyze app provides a user-friendly interface for easy control and monitoring of devices and appliances. This contributes to a seamless and intuitive smart home experience.

Home Automation and Scheduling

Save energy and automate your life: The Wyze Plug supports home automation and scheduling while allowing users to save energy and streamline daily routines by automating device operations.

Compact Design

The Wyze Plug features a small form factor of 2.75 x 1.25 x 1.5 inches, making it easy to plug into standard outlets without blocking adjacent sockets.

Wyze Ecosystem Integration

As part of the Wyze ecosystem, the plug integrates seamlessly with other Wyze products, providing users with a comprehensive range of connected devices for home improvement.

Startup Mission

Wyze is a Seattle-based startup with a mission to make smart home technology accessible to everyone, offering a range of connected products to improve home security and provide smart home solutions.


  • The ability to schedule on/off times for connected devices allows users to automate routines, promoting energy efficiency and enhancing daily life.
  • Grouping functionality in the Wyze app enables users to control multiple Wyze Plugs simultaneously with a single command, streamlining device management.
  • The vacation mode adds a layer of security by simulating presence through random on/off patterns, deterring potential intruders.
  • Integration enhances automation while allowing devices to respond to motion and open/close events for increased energy savings.
  • Support from a startup like Wyze, which aims to make smart home technology accessible to everyone, may resonate with users seeking innovative and affordable solutions.


  • The product does not offer energy monitoring features, which may be a limitation for users who want detailed insights into energy consumption.
  • While integration with the Wyze ecosystem is a pro, it may be a limitation for users who prefer a diverse range of smart home devices from various brands.
  • The plug operates in an ON-OFF-ON mode, which may not support some advanced automation scenarios compared to plugs with more versatile modes.

Wyze ‎WLPPO1-1

Long-Range WiFi

Wyze ‎WLPPO1-1Check Price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

Two Outlets In One

With two independently controlled outlets, users can plug in and control two devices simultaneously using a single Wyze Plug Outdoor.

App & Voice Control

Wyze Plug Outdoor allows users to quickly turn devices on/off, set or edit schedules, and check the current status from anywhere using the Wyze app. Works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant while providing hands-free control through simple voice commands.

Consume Less Energy

Users can set alerts for energy consumption and view historical energy usage within the Wyze app, promoting energy efficiency.

Long-Range WiFi

Wyze Plug Outdoor boasts an extended WiFi range of 300 feet in open space, ensuring reliable control of outdoor devices around the home.

Control from Anywhere

Each Wyze Plug Outdoor has two individually controlled outlets, offering flexibility to plug in and control different devices. The Wyze app allows convenient control from anywhere.

Voice Assistant Ready

With a built-in light sensor, Wyze Plug Outdoor can automatically turn devices on or off based on environmental light conditions, enhancing energy-saving capabilities without relying on WiFi.

Energy Monitoring

Wyze Plug Outdoor features energy monitoring while providing insights into energy consumption and sending notifications if monthly consumption exceeds specified levels.

IP64 Rated

Wyze Plug Outdoor is IP64 Weather Resistant, designed for outdoor use while making it suitable for areas exposed to rain, dust, dirt, snow, and extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 120°F.

Vacation Mode

Wyze Plug Outdoor includes a Vacation Mode, automatically turning devices on and off at random times to create the appearance of an occupied home, improving security.

Rubber Outlet Covers

Wyze Plug Outdoor features rubber outlet covers that protect the hardware when the device has nothing plugged in.


  • The dual outlets allow users to control and power two devices independently while providing flexibility in outdoor device management.
  • Users can set energy consumption alerts and monitor historical usage while promoting energy efficiency and awareness.
  • Enhances security by simulating an occupied home with automatic on/off patterns, deterring potential intruders.
  • Protective rubber outlet covers are included to safeguard the hardware when outlets are unused.
  • Each Wyze Plug Outdoor has two independently controlled outlets while providing versatility in managing outdoor devices.


  • Operates in an ON-OFF-ON mode, which may not support some advanced automation scenarios compared to plugs with more versatile modes.
  • Certain features, such as the built-in light sensor, may require a WiFi connection, limiting functionality when the WiFi is unavailable.
  • While the product claims “No Hub Required,” some advanced features may require additional hardware or subscriptions.
  • While mentioned as compatible with IFTTT, specific details about the extent of compatibility are not provided.
  • The product description does not mention advanced automation features; users seeking extensive automation capabilities should verify this aspect.

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